Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Necessary Shopping

     The time has come. I'm absolutely forced into taking a trip to Springfield. We're out of T.P. Really. Its an emergency.
     Usually I go by Sam's Club every couple of months and stock up on several things, toliet paper being one of them. I've got lots of storage space and it really is nice to never have to think of this necessary item. I buy two or three very large packages and they last a long long time. But this time, except for trips up following the surgery which occurred on the first of November, I've not had a chance.
     How strange to think I've not made the run to Springfield since October. This is incredible, especially considering that the toliet paper has lasted that long.
     So tomorrow I'll replenish. And go to the doctor.
     Told you. Spring is coming and the weather is warmer. I can go places again. Hurrah.
     The other thing I need to do is spend some time with the granddaughter who lives there. Poor kid. She's been sadly neglected this winter. The youngsters here in town get plenty of attention but since the only time school has been out has been for a day here and there Allison and I don't get many chances to spend time together.
     But tomorrow I'll make up for it.

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