Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sucker That Is Born Every Minute

     How many of you have ever been caught up in a bidding war? Raise your hand, sucker!
     I swore off going to auctions years ago after standing next to a sister-in-law who was insisting on paying twice the amount for a set of table glasses that I'd just seen (brand new) a few days before at the original price. Raising bids is addictive, pal!
     Problem is not that I can't stop bidding. Problem is if I finally find something I really want then I REALLY WANT IT! And usually it isn't available anywhere else.
     Anyway, because of this and various other reasons (namely a lack of ready cash) I've pretty well given up auctions as a lost cause.
     Until a couple of days ago . . .
     We all know Christmas is coming up pretty soon, right? Well, how many of you have four teen-age grandkids to find gifts for? I do! (Not to mention a college student, two grown ones, a grand-daughter-in-law and two small greats.)
     What to get? What to get? What to get?
     To make a long story short,, I happened across an online auction that offered a very desirable electronic object that one of the grandsons would like to have. Well, the object costs a small fortune so I hung around (in my innocence) and got HOOKED!
     For the past three days I've been tied to the darn computer, checking my bids every ten minutes and trying to gauge the competition. I missed the first one by a millisecond, gave up on the second one and found out the next morning that by giving up too early I had missed a real bargain. So here I am again, glued to the screen.
     Darn kid. If I spent this much time just looking for a gift for him in the stores I'd need a new pair of shoes. Besides, I'd still have a bunch of grandkids to go.
     What's a loving grandma to do, anyway?
     Got to go . . . time to check my bids. Maybe I'll win this one!

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  1. Good morning, Betty,
    My goodness, you have a lot of gift giving to do this year. Can they all share the electronic doojinkie that you're hoping to win at the online auction. Oh dear, I understand those. They're actually stressful, aren't they? My goodness, I've been stressed out big time before trying to get something for my son for his birthday on Ebay. At that time it was this really beautiful Mahjong set. I ended up getting it for a fantastic price and he loved it. Thank goodness. Good luck and I do hope you get it.

    I'm sorry to read about your knee issues. I read the one post you had on your other blog. ;-) It's not any fun when body parts rebel. Mine started rebelling one at a time at first, but now they've all joined in one big merry band and have been sockin' it to me good for a few years now. I keep telling them all to behave, but they'll have nothin' doin'. Oh well.

    Thank you for stopping by CluckleBees, by the way. I appreciate your visits and your kind words. I am going to start taking it a bit more easy as of today. I just have to mail out some orders, then I'm coming home and relaxing on the sofa and watching Christmas movies while I sew up gifts for family and friends. :-) Now that's a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

    I hope you are doing quite well today and that you have yourself a beautiful one, too,