Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did I Tell You? Or Did I Tell You?

     Okay, I woke up and felt AWFUL. My body hurt and my neck hurt and I wanted to die. So I left the house at 8:30 a.m. and drove 50 miles, sat around half nekkid for hours waiting for ex-ray and blood test results, freezing my you-know-what off (do you know how COLD those offices are?) because the doctor just knew for sure I had pneumonia or meningitis or something dreadful unknown to mankind until this very minute.
     At 1:15 p.m. I was turned loose (I had had ONE CUP OF COFFEE from Mc you-know-who on the way up) to have lunch and go home.
     "Go home," she said. "Take Tylenol or aleve or something. You'll get over it in a day or two. If it DOES get worse, go to the emergency room."
    I had one very small errand to do . . . return a jacket that was too big when I got home. Drove across town, parked. Couldn't find the receipt! Spent ten minutes going over every inch of car, purse, coat pockets. It is GONE. (Not at home either. When I say gone, I mean gone.)
    I was starving. I stopped and had a baked potato and a salad. The only thing good. Since I had an important meeting out of town in the evening I stopped in Marionville and picked up dinner for my long-suffering husband. I waited and waited and waited. (That's what I get for trying someplace new.)
     Now, I really thought ham and potatoes and beans and cornbread would be easily fixed and transported. My husband is partial to that kind of cooking. The place looked to be the right sort of place. However . . .the food ended up looking terrible and, according to poor dear husband, tasted worse, even after being placed on a 'real' plate and heated nicely. How in the name of heaven you can ruin beans and cornbread I'll never know.
     Okay, I'm home. It is 4:30. My event is supposed to be from 5 to 8 and it is 30 minutes from home. I look like something the cat drug in.
     So I spiff myself up, plaster make-up all over so I don't look like death warmed over, suck down a cup of hot coffee and about 5:30 I'm on the road again.
     It's a good thing my body is resilient. Also it's nice that I'm really not sick (the doctor said so, remember?) Anyway, off I go to put on as good a front as I can.
     And it is nice . . . a gathering of writers and advertisers (and interested citizens) who are celebrating the one-year birthday of a new magazine in our area. CONNECTIONS is a fine new magazine dedicated to Southwest Missourians and is being distributed free of charge across Barry and Lawrence Counties. It has just published its thirteenth issue and is really taking off. So popular has it become that subscriptions are being offered now to people outside the immediate area and the focus is no longer on just around here, but is expanding to include the Ozarks in a more general way.  (Check their page on Facebook or ask me to send info if you are interested in more.)
     Anyway, I relaxed and enjoyed myself, staying until about 7:30 before heading home. Now I'm wrapped up in my jammies and robe and doing what I like best . . . relaxing with the computer and my books.
     My head still aches, my stomach feels funny and my eyes hurt but hey! There's nothing the matter with me! I'll just pop a couple of pills and I'll be fine.
     Onward and upward!


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