Wednesday, December 29, 2010


     Sorry to be so late but just to keep you all up to date...I'm still fighting this thing! It just about has me cornered and fighting to the last breath (and I MEAN it when it comes to breathing!). I'm just finishing up a round of meds and will call the doctor again in the morning.
     I AM getting better...just not well yet and I have no energy to speak of. Let me tell you, Christmas is no time to not have energy. We had one big celebration on Christmas Day with around thirty people here. I couldn't have made it were it not for my younger daughter and my niece (my older daughter had family responsibilities of her own that day. But we still have one more celebration (Christmas) set for New Year's Eve with a lot of people so I'm not out of the woods yet.
     Anyway, I'm going to live and I know I owe everyone an explanation so here it is...and when I get to feeling like myself I'll post again on a regular basis. I miss you all and I miss reading all the blogs and I apologize for it but I'm going to bed!
     If I don't post again until next week ...Happy New Year, Friends.


  1. get well soon! thanks for having us there every year. love

  2. Sorry you have been so down Sis. There has been a lot of stuff going around here also. We have been lucky so far and I hope hope hope that it stays that way! Hope you feel much better soon. Love you all

  3. I was sick for Christmas, too! I promise, doing it one year does NOT make it a tradition.

    You commented on my post on The Muffin in November (I was the one that said take a day off during Nano), and what with NaNo jet lag and Christmas crazy season, and being sick, I didn't get to answer.

    Is that enough excuses? :) I'm sure I can do more! Hope you are on the mend from whatever form of ickyness has you down, thanks for commenting, and have a New Year full of fun and friendship!

  4. Hope the New Year is finding you well Betty :)