Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching My Breath

All I've done for the past two days is run, run run. The snow has pretty well disappeared, thank goodness, and today the temperatures have come up nicely. Yesterday, though, was terrible. The car showed an even 26 degrees but I can't even begin to guess what the wind chill was. It was simply terrible. I had intended to go off to the city to do some needed catching up but I can't manage that kind of weather so we'll have to do without for a spell yet, I guess.

When you have three grandsons aged 13, 14 and 15 that you help haul around you are kept busy busy busy and with one mom sick and the single father of two of them trying to work I'm called on quite a bit these days so my excuse to get out of writing a lot is at least legitimate most of the time. If I did have a half hour to think I couldn't organize anything worthwhile.

I did make reservations to go to the next OWL conference though and discuss a ms with one of my friends so maybe I'll dig myself out of this hole before the month is over. I dug in and managed to solve the formatting problem that was driving me nuts and now I feel as if I can do just about anything. I ordered a REAL BOOK with WRITTEN OUT INSTRUCTIONS for the new computer program so I'm confident I'll be able to conquer the whole thing soon. I can manage anything if it is on a sheet of paper in front of me but for some reason I cannot hop back and forth on the screen of a computer with any satisfaction.

It is obvious that this blog is going to be hit and miss but I intend to really try and keep it going...even if I don't have a single follower. It is easier than journaling and I do enjoy getting a few words down on the screen.
Maybe I'll actually come up with something worthwhile one of these days.

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