Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Writing Life Again

I actually managed to sit myself down today and edit one short story and create another (non-fiction) one. I looked up a conference in the autumn and decided I've got to enter some of the contests at least, even if I don't have a new novel in the works so I polished up Dealing With Dad, a humorous 3000 word thing and then went to work on a (so far) untitled essay about growing up in the Ozarks. It will take some work on it before it is finished but I'll let it rest and go on to the next one pretty soon.

I've been going to and reading Lisa Scottoline's blog. She is very witty and I am enjoying her column a lot. I got hooked on her books and she has just published a nf of the columns. I had read it and was intrigued so looked it up. Her books are really good. She is a lawyer and uses all her knowledge to write these wonderful thrillers.

In some ways I'm getting sick of the thrillers...not particularly an author...but it seems as if the subject should run its course one of these day. Its the only thing on the library shelves now. That and sensual stuff and I'm really sick of those. There are just so many ways to have sex and no matter how many hints you give the end result is the same. Now I'm beginning to look at murder in the same jaded way. For heaven's sake, lets try another subject or two!

Of course, am I looking for a subject to write about at the moment? Nah. Just being critical. One of these days though. I expect to come up with a real dilly and when I do...I'll work and work and work and then won't be able to sell it. Ha.

Anyway, at the moment I'm being a little bit productive. I can go to my meeting feeling like a REAL WRITER again...for five minutes anyway!


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