Saturday, February 6, 2010

Computers Can't Solve Everything, Can They?

I'm just too old for birthdays, I believe. They wear me out. By the time I got all the phone calls fielded and e-mails answered and Facebook contacts checked out, coffee consumed with visiting family and friends and cake consumed (lots...chocolate with fluffy white frosting, yum, yum) I was too tired to walk. Unfortunately, we still had a double basketball game to attend. At least it was in town. But I staggered home and fell into bed afterward. Goosedown never felt any better, even to Mama Goose, I'll bet.

Spent all morning installing a new version of Word. My original one bit the dust at just the wrong moment last fall, four days prior to my surgery on the first knee. I was all ready to send off some manuscripts and it really messed things up as they were done in Word Perfect and needed converting before being sent. Needless to say, they are still waiting for attention. I am not computer-oriented in the least and am at a loss with the new set-up. If they only put instructions in BOOKS, as once were done, I could follow instructions! Blast it, I can't follow anything on-screen. I read it and go back to another screen and immediately forget what the next step was. Grr.

My most immediate problem is with a manuscript that I had already messed up with Word Perfect. Somehow I managed to have part of it in a Master Document and part in individual chapters. I think I got that straightened out somewhere in between transitions but failed to realize that some of the later chapters had no headings. Now I can't figure out with this brand-new Word screen how I'm supposed to completely remove all the headings and start over again. I'm terrified to mess with the new program without some kind of written reference to help me. I'll end up with a bigger problem than I have already. So...Monday, in between everything else, I'm going to have to try and run down someone to give me some advice.

If you see me coming in your direction, please don't run for cover. This is a real emergency.

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