Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wasted half and hour going over other people's blogs. It seems as if it is only younger writers, proud parents and crafters who take time to write on them, at least on Blogspot. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong location. Also, I'm so dumb (?) I can't figure out how to invite friends in my e-mail address books to go to my site and follow it and I can't seem to download the bookshelf thing I looked up either. Jeez, I waste so much time doing junk.

Then I have the t.v. on across the room and can't decide if I want to watch the Super Bowl or not. Usually I only watch the Cowboys or the Longhorns but I'll admit that I'm rather fond of the Saints. After all, New Orleans went through so much they deserve to win on that alone, I think. So I may give in after all. Ben had to go out and work today and try and beat the (potential) snow storm so he can sit in the house tomorrow if it does come so I'm alone in here and must manage to avoid housework at all costs. And when I came into the living room to begin with, the t.v. was tuned to an old movie...don't remember the title...but it had Ethel Barrymore, Angela Lansbury and some others and I ended up watching up half of it because it was intriguing and fun. Another waste. No wonder I never do any serious writing any more. I used to have a rule of absolutely no television and no reading between two and five p.m. but somehow it went out the window.

Here comes my darling. More later.

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