Monday, October 11, 2010

Checking In

     I'm beginning to feel like I'm connected to the computer. Something like a growth on my knees. (I've got where I sit in my armchair with it on my lap. I'm gonna have to get a pillow or something to keep from baking my legs.) All day today, up and down, to the printer, back to the phone, to the computer, to the phone, etc., etc., etc.
      However, things are really getting done lately. If I had time to write it all down, I'm sure I would be astounded at myself. I can't believe how much I can accomplish when I really put my mind to it.
     On top of everything else, I think I mentioned the two writing assignments I've been given. Well, I now have a third one!  
     Actually, this one has come along just at the right time. Let me explain.
     Several years ago, six friends, myself included, formed a not-for-profit group we called Ozark Writers Inc. (or OWI). Our goal was to promote Ozark writers and writing. For quite awhile we explored several avenues of promotion, e.g., workshops, lectures, book signings, but the most successful project was the publication of two anthologies, Mysteries of the Ozarks: Vol(s) I and II. As time went by, the publishing house ceased to exist and we each became busy with out own projects and the group sort of went on vacation.
     Yesterday, I had an e-mail from one of the women asking if I would be willing to write another short story for a third anthology, Mysteries of the Ozarks: Vol III.
     Well, I'm not about to let the others publish something without submitting a story that I've written for consideration! (Never mind that its been over a year since I've written a short story at all. There's always the possibility it will be turned down.)
     Anyway, since (as I mentioned in an earlier post) I've been given an assignment to write a chapter on 'how-to write' a short story, I figured I would simply keep a sort of journal while the mystery story comes into existence. This way I can kill two birds with one stone.
     Not to mention forcing myself to get busy with my chosen profession.
     Let's face it. You can just get by with so much by having major surgeries and putting on conferences. You've got to get back to work some day.
     So watch out for all of it. I'll keep you up.

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