Friday, October 8, 2010

Good News At Last

     The new book is out! I spent all day yesterday in Springfield and the main event was meeting Lou and picking up a couple boxes of Trash to Treasure. The cover is great and my only concern is that I didn't make a very long manuscript out of it to begin with. I just wrote until I thought it was finished. There were really more adventures that could have been written about.
     Oh, well, maybe I'll do a sequel.
     Right . . . before that comes two assignments: one for a how-to chapter for an upcoming book and one for a how-to book. After that I need to find publishers for the two juvenile novels I've written. Then there is the novel in my head that was conceived several years ago and has been carried around for a long time waiting for the right time.
     Also, let us not forget that Trash will have to be marketed. Letting the book languish in boxes, or small bookstores does not get it sold, as we all know. Gotta get out there and push it too.
     When I finished with Lou I went by to give Connie, my older daughter, her copy and found her sick on the couch. However she really perked up when she saw what I had and gave me a special hug. While I was there Allison played her latest accomplishment on the violin. She is going to make one whale of a violinist. She has an ear for it and had picked up a lovely tune on YouTube, copied the sheet music and is mastering it. I've got to find out the title so I can hear it again. It is beautiful and she played it so well I was amazed. She's only been taking lessons for a few weeks.
     Sandy and Ben received their copies when I got home and Ben took one to his mom at the nursing home while Sandy and I met Mark at the homecoming parade in Monett. I gave Mark his copy while we waited. Josh marched in the ROTC group and Aaron danced at the top of the Sophomore float with all the rest of his football buddies. Great night and big big crowd. Kris, however, opted to stay at home and watch t.v., for some reason. Long day at school, I guess.
    By the time I got home I was really ready for bed, let me tell you. 
    This morning I'm still so tired I can hardly leave my chair. I look around and the house is a shambles. I've been gone so much lately I'm behind on everything and I'm such a bad housekeeper the least little let-up really shows. I usually try and keep a pathway through the main part but when things get so hectic I tend to pile in those areas too.
      Fun time is over. My work is cut out for me this morning.

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