Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There Is A Time

     At last I'm back here at my post. I've been without my computer for ages . . . just at a time when I needed it the most. Due to last year and all the things I've been dealing with, somehow the virus protection protection program I subscribe to got overlooked, expired and I got a major infection which resulted in my hard drive crashing and having to be scraped clean.
     It is hard to imagine how devastating this has been. I'm very bad at backing up things anyway and I was just lucky that my wonderful computer people were able to save my documents and Outlook Express for me. So far the only thing I've discovered that I'm really missing is my address book in Outlook Express. I'm not sure how that happened but I have most of the names in Yahoo and I have printed off the others in the past so I think I have many if not all.
     I was caught in the final weeks of arranging for the MFS conference (it is the 4th, 5th and 6th of November) and things have been really wild. On top of everything else, my co-chair, who is located several hundred miles away, has had intermittent internet problems of her own.
     Then the new book came out and I've not been able to do much with that AND my in-laws have been in some really bad medical conditions.
     Hooey! I'll be glad when this is all over.
     I keep loading things in the trunk of my car for the conference and I worry that I'll manage to wreck it and lose all my signs, posters, folders, etc.,etc.,etc.  But that won't happen, will it???
     On to better things.
     I've had a whole day to sort of finish up some of this stuff and in between I sat down and watched a video. Now, this is not something I do. I NEVER watch videos. But last night my daughter was talking about one, "Something's Got to Give" with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keeton. She left it laying out and, by golly, I celebrated all my work and sat down and watched it.
     What fun! I can't remember the last movie I watched. If I ever sit down to relax at all I read. I think I went to the local theatre and saw "Up" the clever animated cartoon about the little man who sails away with him house and a bunch of balloons when I last saw a movie. But I certainly enjoyed it.
     Now, back to work.
     The next time I write . . . and I hope it will be with a lot less time in between . . . I have something very pleasant to tell about.
     Just not enough time to get into it yet. So keep reading. I'll get to it sooner or later . . . I promise!

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