Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eating Out:: Always an Adventure

     Today was another day for running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. (For those who don't understand the term, I'll explain at the end.)
     In other words, I had errands from 10 this morning until 3:30 this afternoon. I was dropping when I got home, thought I'd lie down a bit and for ten minutes all I could do was dwell on more things I needed to do so I got up and did them and forgot all about the nap. Well, at least I was home.
     I really shouldn't gripe, no matter how tired I get. The weather is so fine, autumn brilliant and sun-shiny. Breezes blow and the temperature isn't hot nor is it cold. For the first part of October it is just about perfect and I do enjoy getting out in it. Soon cold November will settle in and I won't want to leave the house and the furnace for anything, even food.
     Speaking of food, I discovered a special little spot today that I've overlooked up until now. 
     First I headed into town where I got sheared (badly needed) and as it was just nearing noon, I tried to think of someplace different to stop for lunch. Monett is not the most adventurous spot in the world for cuisine and everything sounded boring. Suddenly I thought of a little place in Pierce City that at one time had been good so as I was heading in that direction anyway I decided to give it a try.
     Uh-oh. Closed down, a victim of the current money problems, no doubt.
     Now what?
     Just next door was a little drug store with an old-fashioned soda fountain. There were plenty of cars parked around it and I was left with little to choose from anyway so, what the heck? A hamburger would be better than nothing.
     I pulled into place before the windows. I could see the few tables and bar stools were pretty full but upon walking in I managed to find a spot right next to the cash register. I perched on top of a stool and looked all around, admiring the decor.
     My attention, however, quickly turned to the plates being prepared by the pretty girls in front of me. Oooh . . . each one looked delicious.
     To make a long story short, I chose the special for the day, French Onion soup with yummy mozzarella cheese and and enormous plate of spinach salad full of grilled chicken, sliced strawberries, mandarin oranges, pecans, and bacon, all topped with wonderful sweet poppy-seed dressing.
     I'm ashamed to say I ate every last bite.
     It is now eight at night and I'm still not hungry. To those of you who know me, that is some kind of miracle..
     Now, Pierce City is just a very small town with not too much going for it. But if you by some chance are driving through one day and it is lunch time, my advice it to stop and sit a spell and have a bite to eat at the little drug store. It isn't hard to find . . . it is the only one in town from the looks of things . . . right on the main drag (and do NOT drive more than thirty down that drag either).
     You'll be glad you did.
     Just to finish part of my day I'll tell you I drove on westward to pick up some lovely homemade bread from the Country Cupboard Bake Shop, located between Stark City and Newtonia. Lovely people own it who make fabulous jams, jellies, breads and sell a large variety of wonderful food items as well as some specialties, e.g., aprons, spices, doilies etc.I'm ashamed to say I don't know if they are Mennonite or Amish, Mennonite I believe. I must ask the next time I'm there. Not that it matters. Lovely people no matter.
     By no means all of my day but since so much of my life revolves around food, it is fun to share this much.
     Oh, yes, the chicken. When you kill a chicken for food, you must either chop the head off with a hatchet or wring its neck by holding the head and spinning the body around until it becomes detached from the body. The body will jerk and twist for two or three minutes as the nerves adjust to death before it quiets, hence: running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
     Now, isn't that food for thought?

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